Sunday, December 20, 2015

Pejavara Swamiji's 5th Paryaya

The countdown begins. The 2016  paryaya when our own Swamiji Sri Sri Vishwesha Teertharu assumes paryaya, his turn to worship Udupi Shri Krishna for the next 2 years, is on 18th Jan 2016, just a few days away. As many of us know, Sri Sri Vishwesha Teertharu will be assuming paryaya for the record 5th time. This is a great moment for all the Madhwas, and we should try our best to be present in Udupi on the day of Paryaya.

Why should I attend Paryaya?
       The great swamiji, who is revered by one and all, is going to assume the temple responsibilities for the record 5th time. Only Shri Vadiraja Teertharu has assumed 5 times before. This is a once in a lifetime moment and a proud one too, we may not witness any such in future. It is a great occasion for us. We should consider ourselves blessed if we can be there in Udupi and take Swamiji's blessings on that day.