Monday, November 7, 2016

Sri Ramanuja Anu Yatra 2016 - As it happened

 Sri Ramanuja Anu Yatra 2016, conducted by Kinchitkaram trust, under the guidance of Velkudi Krishnan Swami started on 14th October 2016 at Ujjain and ended on 26th October in Vrundavan. After starting from Ujjain, moved on to Dakor,Somnath, Dwarakapuri(Gomathi & Bet Dwaraka), Nathdwara, Pushkar, Kurukshetra, Haridwar, Brindavan, Mathura, Gokul, Nandagram & Govardhan. This yatra is to visit the Krishna temples  and the places where Krishna leela's took place. I already shared my experiences during the yatra, in this article we will see about the different places where Swamiji took us. All yatrikas had to come to Ujjain on their own. From here, the yatra starts.