Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My biggest achievement till date

   Looking at the title, if you had thought I am writing about stuff after having achieved something really big in my personal life, you got it wrong. Or if you had thought I had done something astonishing in my professional life, you have still got it wrong. Some of you might already be thinking that finally some girl telling yes to marry this crazy guy has to be the biggest :), no you still got it wrong. Well, all I have managed is to get a driving license for a 2-wheeler . And yes, I do consider this as the biggest thing I have achieved. I can already hear somebody asking me, "Hey, you are 28. Getting a 2-wheeler license now!! What the fuck you were doing all these years :)?". I would answer you telling, "Actually, actually,.........".

Monday, July 11, 2011

Dont worry, life is just the same as yesterday

    Life is running faster, in fact much faster than what it was a few years back. Things are happening pretty quickly. The pace is very unsettling. We think we are living in the moment, but constantly worried and planning about that "tomorrow" which may or may not happen. A look at certain things reveals life has not changed much from how it was yesterday, all the thoughts of things going wrong or awry did not happen. We are managing it somehow and moving on, isn't it? If things are going on somehow, why should we worry? 

Monday, June 20, 2011

It's free lunches in Tamil Nadu

    "Free mixie or Grinder for families. Free laptops for senior school and engineering students. Rice at Re.1 per kg. 4 grams of gold for brides from poor families." This is how the manifesto of political parties looked like in the recent Tamil Nadu elections. Elections in Tamil Nadu are fought differently these days, in fact from the 2006 election. Its all about throwing freebies. The more freebies you have in your manifesto, the better are your chances. The concept of freebies started in the last term when the ruling government started giving Free color television for the people of Tamil Nadu. And guess what, it worked wonderfully well until the 2G scam came and spoiled the party. By the way, is it a government's job to buy things for the people?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dhoni is super lucky, rite?

  India won the T20 world cup. People said Dhoni is lucky. CSK wins IPL3. People say Dhoni is very lucky. CSK win Champions League. People say Dhoni is very very lucky. India crowned Number 1 in the ICC Test Rankings. People say this Dhoni has always been lucky. Now, the mother of all: India wins the WORLD CUP. What now? Dhoni is the most luckiest person on this planet? Or Super Lucky? Hey, hold on. One can be lucky once, or twice, or thrice, or max say for an year or two. If we say somebody is lucky all through his career, aren't we  kidding? 

Monday, February 28, 2011

A leader Who had No Title - A Review

  "A captivating story that teaches as it delights" read the quote of Paulo Coelho on the cover page of a book titled "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari", authored by Mr. Robin Sharma. The quote made me to add the book to my cart.  When I finished the book, a feeling perhaps it has to be the best book I have ever read. Googled more on Robin Sharma, and realized Mr. Robin Sharma is one of the top leadership guru's in the world. Felt a little ashamed that day that I never have heard about Mr. Sharma before reading the monk who sold his ferrari. Googled more on Mr. Sharma's books and realized every book of his is a best seller.  The day I finished the ferrari, I rushed to crossword to pick up the next one :"The Leader Who had No Title".

Monday, February 21, 2011

This world cup format sucks...

 2 groups. 7 teams each, 4 teams who play cricket, and 3 who are learning. 4 from each group qualify for the quarter finals. Look carefully, all the good teams need to do is to beat those 3 dummy teams and you are into the quarter finals. Once in quarter finals, now, all a team needs is to play 3 days of good cricket and you will be the World Champions of cricket, immaterial of how good or bad you were during the league stage. Just 3 days of cricket to call somebody a champion? 

Monday, February 7, 2011

And they say, we are a developing country

  15th August, my country got its Independence. 26th January, which passed a few weeks back, my country became Republic. With Independence, India became a country which can be ruled by its own people, whether you like it or not. Republic, gave a constitution to us, formulated with it the fundamental rights for every citizen. Today, a simple question I ask myself: Are we democratic?  Do we still enjoy our fundamental rights?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Waiting for "The Modi's India"

  On my way back from office, and just got down from the office bus. Headed straight to a small tea shop by the road side. Had a tea, and picked up a Kurkure packet. The packet was so dusty, asked the guy to give me a different one. "All packets are like this", said the guy. I told him you could have at least cleaned it once before keeping for selling to which he replied angrily: " These bastards are relaying the platforms for the last 2 years. Things become dusty in just a matter of minutes". He went on adding "You are talking as if you are coming straight from America. The road projects only starts, never gets over. These politicians are all for money. Nobody cares a shit for the people using these platforms". Typical words heard from an Indian. I said in  a jest, wait for sometime, looks like this Karnataka government can fall anytime. "So what? Nothing changes." he said, and added something more which took me by surprise: "There is only one good politician in the country and it is Narendra Modi".

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I may not remember Sachin for his 50 centuries but....

  No Indian can deny the fact he had a small tear at the corner of his eye when Sachin raised his bat after scoring the 50th century against South Africa. I don't think any other player would have invoked such a kind of feeling in us. The same man had raised his bat so many times and looked at the sky to thank his dad, yet this moment will remain with us for at least quite sometime.