Saturday, April 10, 2010

What is 3G? What are the benefits for the end user?

   When the world is getting ready to embrace 4G,  Indian telecom ministry finally realized its now high time to go ahead with 3G after a deep slumber. Convince yourself with our all time favorite dialog, its better late than never.  Welcome to the 3G world, its just a few days away before you can see your friend on video while calling him.

  What is 3G? 3G stands for 3rd Generation mobile network technology. The 3G has lot of eye catching features compared to its predecessor 2G.  The current 2G provides us with SMS, GPRS, Bluetooth, etc. The major benefit of 3G is actually the higher data speed connection, not surprising though since the telecom industry envisages ARPU(Average revenue per user) to be mainly being contributed by the VAS(Value Added services).

  With 3G, the user will now be able to make video calls, a feature in which the caller and receiver can see each other while making calls. The data speed available will be much much higher than it was available in 2G. The speeds could clock around 20 megabits per second(mbps) whereas the speed provided today in 2G is a low kpbs. Over the years, the data speed is expected to increase further. Add to this the video conferencing and video-on-demand feature. All together we are in for a  great time ahead with 3G introduction.

   However, there is a catch here. All the mobile phone users will not be able to make use of the 3G if their handset does not support. One needs to have a 3G enabled handset in order to avail the 3G services provided by the service providers. The 3G enabled handsets start anywhere from Rs.4,500 these days.

   Guys, get ready for the 3G evolution. And its time now for a max-mobile time out. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...

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