Monday, July 11, 2011

Dont worry, life is just the same as yesterday

    Life is running faster, in fact much faster than what it was a few years back. Things are happening pretty quickly. The pace is very unsettling. We think we are living in the moment, but constantly worried and planning about that "tomorrow" which may or may not happen. A look at certain things reveals life has not changed much from how it was yesterday, all the thoughts of things going wrong or awry did not happen. We are managing it somehow and moving on, isn't it? If things are going on somehow, why should we worry? 

  I got up at 5 in the morning. When I come out of my room, mom is already in the pooja room, started her pooja  which easily goes for an hour. This is that one thing which gives her a lot of satisfaction and peace. And she enjoys doing this. Once the clock ticks 6, she walks straight into the kitchen and starts preparing lunch for her son with all the love in the world. No wonder why the food is so tasty. It was the same yesterday, and its just happening today as well.

   I slide my window aside to see the beginning of this beautiful day. The sun is just rising. Very calm outside. Chill breeze blowing across. Pleasant sound of birds cooing. A school boy studying in his terrace, walking from one corner to other.  Suprabatha slokas being chanted in a near-by temple. I start playing the instrumental theme song from the "Bombay" movie, the song with which my day begins. Nothing much has changed from yesterday.

  A newspaper boy in his early tens comes ringing his cycle bell. Stops his bi-cycle and parks it aside. Flips a newspaper from behind in a typical Rajnikanth style. Looks like he needs to deliver the newspaper to the house which is in second floor. Being lazy to go all the way, rolls the newspaper properly and throws it from the road. The newspaper hits the balcony wall and comes back to him. Second attempt. Hits the rod in the balcony and again comes back. With full concentration, the third attempt. Hits the bulls eye now. The newspaper lands right inside the balcony. The boy smiles and carries on with his next destination, I enjoyed his smile. Its the same as yesterday.

  I got ready and near Mantri elite where my office bus comes. Its still around 3 to 4 minutes for the bus to arrive. Around 5 of us get in at this stop. One among us is a woman whose husband comes and drops her in his bike everyday at Mantri elite. They bring their year old baby along with them. Well, that mother might have played with her daughter for hours at home, but still this 2 to 3 minutes, the time just before the bus arrives, seems to be the most joyous moment for her. After all, its a separation for the mother from her baby for the next 9 hours atleast. The baby laughs for whatever this mother does, for whatever she has got to offer. R-7 bus arrives. People start getting into the bus, the mother plants a kiss on her baby's forehead and gives the baby to her husband. The baby waves her hand and tells bye to her mom. As she puts her foot into the bus, the mother too waves her hand with a tear at the corner of her eye. The moment is any photographer's delight to have in his portfolio. A very pleasant scene it is. It happens everyday.

  I get into the bus and go to my seat which is the last seat, left window side. Even though I have changed companies, this seat is always mine. If you ask me why last seat, I have no specific answer than to say I like being in the last bench. I open the newspaper. Front page news, Petrol price hiked by Rs.3, and diesel by Rs.2. Went further. One of the ministers in the ruling central government has resigned due to corruption charges. Nothing different. Went even further.  A pic of our chief minister with tears  in his eyes and swearing in the name of Lord Nanjundeshwara that all these are opposition party's tactics and there is no fault of his. Its all the same as yesterday, no difference.

   Bus is near Bommanahalli signal. Looked outside the window. Two motorists hurling abuses at each other, most likely the issue is one vehicle brushed aside the other. With each dialogue from either side, the tone is increasing in them in a typical "hungama" movie style, by the way just the tone went on increasing, nothing else. Meanwhile, some passers by had gathered and a small crowd got formed there, eagerly waiting for some action to begin. The abuses started to get more intense. To the crowd's bad luck, the signal goes green, both the motorists started their vehicles and carried on to their respective destinations as if nothing has happened between them in the last few minutes. Nothing different.

  Bus has almost reached office, near Electronic city signal. This signal structure throughout the Hosur road is a little complicated wherein even a localite will find it tricky to understand which signal is meant for service road, and which one is meant for main road. Sometimes you feel these signals are a kind of trap laid out for people from other states who no way can understand all this. As expected, a lorry truck driver carries on driving thinking the green signal is for his side. Our traffic police uncle is waiting on the other side with a big smile on his face. With everything going as per the script, police uncle asks the truck driver to park aside and come and meet him. After some pointless talk, the truck driver takes some hundred currencies from his pocket and gives it to our uncle. Uncle starts his bony for the day, looks skyward and thanks god. Its just the same as yesterday.

   A little look at all the things that happen to us,  around us, friends, it is not much different from yesterday. The world has not come down, nothing much has changed between yesterday or day before yesterday. Day-in and day-out, we are tensed, little worried, thinking what is going to happen to this, what will happen to that? But then, nothing much has changed, nothing much has gone wrong. Things are happening pretty much the same. Then why should we worry too much in life?
    One of my most favorite quotes is: " Your today is the tomorrow which you worried about yesterday". We, human beings, worry a lot. Worry for lot of things, worry for what has happened, worry for what is going to happen tomorrow. Read the above quote again. Yesterday, at this point, we were worrying what is going to happen tomorrow. But, here we are, having passed on, having lived successfully, managed the show somehow. This was the same moment which we were worrying yesterday. But, we have come out of it. So, why should we worry for tomorrow now? That will also move on, we will manage, we will handle, we will come out winning.  Let's not worry. The more we worry, the more it becomes a habit with us. And believe it or not, most of the times, this worry is all about something which has never happened, or something which can never happen. At times, its just that we worry on something which is hypothetical. This human mind is a crazy one, keeps attracting anything, just anything. No wonder why a person said, "Worry is a misuse of imagination."

    Don't think too much about the past. Its gone. Don't think too much about the tomorrow. The more you think and plan for it, you are losing the present which is in your control. The past and the future are all maaya. The only thing we have with us is the "present", this moment. Lots of wonderful things are happening around us at this moment, lets love and enjoy those things.  Look outside, look at the sky. Take a deep breath. Every one of us is special in something or the other, we all are unique in one form or the other.  Cherish your uniqueness. Value the special gifts God has given to you. Forget your worries. This day is ours. Pray God to make this day a beautiful one. This moment is in your control, take pleasure in this, and make this a great one.
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Vishnu said...

Guru - Nice article indeed. though its a typical day-2-day life glimpse's you put it in a right as well as the way it passes everyday! Now i gotta answer for my much awaited question about you thinking what you do by rushing for the bus before or on-time... ha ha nice feel, i cud feel & imagine. Keep blogging :)

Ashwath Rao said...

Guru - Article pictured our daily routine very nicely as if we are playing same video everyday with very minimal changes like someone sitting in your "last seat":P Keep blogging :)

Guru Prasad said...

@vishnu...ingiyum bajanaya :) :) .. thanks for ur comments..

@ashwath..thanks ashwath..someone occupying my seat is almost nil these days :)

Lakshmi Naayanan said...

Nice one....and very well put 2gether -- Appu Rao

Guru Prasad said...

thanks bava...